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In May 2003 four Chinese 2-wheel tractor machinery importers met at NAEF to discuss associating in order to promote and protect the agricultural machinery import industry and as well as a conduit for industry information and promotion of socially responsible actions in the industry. In May 2005, a group of 12 agro machinery merchants met to discuss a more formal association. The meeting was lively and at times contentious but at the end a formal plea in the form a report was ratified and submitted to the National Agricultural Mechanization Committee at their meeting a week later. Though the industry was subsequently affected severely during the next couple years by the conflict, with support form NAEF there has been periodic newsletters containing industry news, new products, requests for information and debates about the health of the industry /sector amongst our members. Anyone wishing to join our group or hear more about our activities please contact NAEF .

Report of second meeting held 4th of May 2005 with address list of members in English...

AMMA presentation to the NAMC 5th of May 2005 meeting (Nepalese)

Press release of 4th of May Meeting (Nepalese)...