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NAEF has considerable history of work in advocacy of a socially equitable agricultural and rural mechanization process in Nepal and elsewhere. Not an easy task considering the current government, donor, and even academic negative attitudes towards mechanization that has manifested in a long drought for funding in R&D in agriculture and rural development. This has many reasons but basically comes from past development projects inappropriate selection of agricultural machine technologies in the 1970s and 1980s and then their rusting hulks in Africa becoming the “poster child” of the mistakes of the Green Revolution. These mistaken, over simplistic perceptions, like tractors = rural unemployment has translated to anti-mechanization national and donor policies in Nepal and many other developing countries. This said NAEF's continued support to the national dialogue in Nepal where we continue highlight positive impact of mechanization in the region, has led to the Nepal government to re-evaluate its current stance. Indeed, the just ratified (June 07) Ministry of Agriculture and CooperativesMinistry of Agriculture and Cooperatives' strategic agricultural three year plan, agricultural and rural mechanization has been, for the first time since the 1970s, been included without reservation.

Support to the NAMC National Agricultural Mechanization Committee, Chaired by the Secretary of Agriculture and Cooperatives, in the Government of Nepal.

UNAPCAEM United Nation’s Asian Pacific Center for Agricultural Engineering and Machinery

Rural Mechanization in Africa NAEF has sponsored several small email debates on mechanization in Africa

Rural Mechanization in India Various efforts to promote socially equitable mechanization processes.

Rural Mechanization in Afghanistan Through multiple visits over the last three years NAEF has aided in bringing resouce conserving technologies like the Chinese two-wheel tractor and zero till drills for four-wheel tractors

Rural Mechanization in Nigeria Through a simple single intervention in nothern Nigeria NAEF and its partners have help jumpstart a rural and agricultural mechanization process.