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NAEF Partnership with Agriculture Engineering Directorate, DOA

The Directorate of Agricultal Engineering, Department of Agriculture <> at Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur was established in 2006. Since that time NAEF has been partnering and supporting DAE in our common objective to bring appropriate agro-machinery and resource conserving technologies to Nepal's farmers.

For the last 3 years NAEF has provided advising services and technical support to DOE's programs and in their farmer field trainings and demonstrations for two-wheel tractors and attachments in Kanchenpur, Chitwan, Jhappa Districts and blacksmith/artisanal training in Kathmandu.

NAEF prizes this relation with DOE, and looks forward to further activities in the future.


Photo: NAEF's veteran 2-wheel tractor operator Iv Bhahadur Thapa demonstrating and training farmers in reaper operations for rice harvesting at DOE's farmer field training, Kanchenpur District in 2007.