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NAEF Joins World Concern in Haiti

In 2007 World Concern (Haiti) board member Roger Oakland had been visiting Haiti for over three years and though pleased with World Concern's efforts in agriculture, Roger felt kept coming across the fact that Haitian farmers, even in the rice producing lowlands, had little or no agriculture machinery and very high costs of production as comapred to Haiti's neighbors. He was shocked to find that what little machiner was available was 2-5 times the market prices elsewhere, outside of Haiti. Searching for appropriate agricultural machinery Roger came across NAEF's webiste and contacted us. In 2008 NAEF, Nepal began a direct partnership with the World Concern's Southern Haiti Agronomy Project known in its French acronym as ACLAM in Les Cayes where NAEF provides project and technical support that had as its goal to select agricultural and rural machinery, import, sell, and train farmers and service providers that will reduce hunger and malnutrition and provide greater economic opportunities and diversified rural livelihoods for Haiti’s rural farm families.


Photo One: NAEF and World Concern's first training of 30 subject matter specialists in field operations and marketing of two-wheel tractors services in Les Cayes, Haiti


In September 2008 the first container of agricultural machinery arrived and in October and November 2008 NAEF and ACLAM trained 30 agricultural extensionists in operations of two and four-wheel tractor and implements' operations and the marketing of agro-machginery services in Les Cayes, Haiti.

Photo 2: ACLAM operator Mr. Bos at the wheel of a 25HP 4-wheel tractor with 130 cm wide rotovator in the during field demonstrations in the village of Ducis.


Within weeks after the training nearly all equipment has been sold at reasonable rates.

A second larger container of equipment has been ordered and is due in Haiti in June 2009 where a second round of trainings and demonstrations will commence

For more information on this exciting new program please see or contact Roger Oakland at